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Imagine if you could prevent costly Garage Door Repairs and keep your loved ones safe.

What if there were 11 monthly checks on your Garage Door you can do yourself to prevent unplanned Garage Door Repairs.

That is exactly what we are sharing with you in this post:

11 Key Monthly Checks to prevent Costly Repairs to your Garage Door

Visual Inspection of Garage Door Panels

Start your Garage Door visual inspection by looking at your Garage Door Panels to see if you can spot any signs of deterioration or external damage to the actual material.

Visual Inspection of Garage Door Tracks

Next, you should look at your Garage Door Tracks to ensure that they are all mounted securely to the wall.

The Garage Door Tracks hold your Garage Door in place and should you notice that any of the tracks are no longer securely mounted you need to contact Door Nation for assistance immediately.

Visual Inspection of Bearing Brackets

Your Garage Door Bearing Brackets mount to the wall, acting as support for the weight of the Garage Door.

One main function of the Bearing Brackets, particularly the Center Bearing Bracket, is to secure the Torsion Springs in place. Tension is placed on the Torsion Springs with precision, by an Expert Garage Door Technician of Door Nation, to the point where it can offer enough counter-resistance for the Garage Door to be lifted by hand or with a Garage Door Motor.

The amount of force held in place by the Center Bearing is enough to rip through a Garage Door Panel and if you spot that the bearing is not securely fitting, you should contact Door Nation for assistance right away.

Visual Inspection of Lifting Cables

The Lifting Cables of your Garage Door carries the weight of your entire door. Some Garage Doors weight up to 200kg.

Inspect the Garage Door Cables to ensure that the Cables are in good condition and in no way damaged.

Visual Inspection of Safety Cables

Safety Cables - Door Nation

Safety Cables are installed when a Garage Door has a Tension (Extension) Spring System. These springs are renowned for breaking and sending the ends or even parts of the springs flying damaging walls, vehicles and in some cases hurting humans or animals.

We install safety cables to prevent any part of the spring shooting uncontrollably if they do break.

Visual Inspection of Garage Door Hinges

Inspect to make sure that all your hinges holding the panels together are in place and not broken.

Visual Inspection of Garage Door Rollers

Look to see if all Rollers are still running inside the Garage Door Track and make sure all Rollers seem to be intact and not pulling away from the brackets mounting them to the door panels.

Garage Door Motor Safety Stop Test

It is vital for the safety of you, your loved ones, and your pets that you regularly perform a Garage Door Motor Safety Stop Test.

Since the year 2000, all Garage Door Motors are required to have safety features that reverse the Garage Door if it encounters any obstruction. Test this function by placing a large piece of wood or plastic in the middle of the Garage Door opening. When the door touches the object, it should reverse causing the door to open again.

If it does not do this, the Garage Door Motor is outdated or malfunctioning and should be attended to by a Door Nation Garage Door Technician.

Garage Door Cable Tension Inspection

Garage Door Cable Off Drum - Door Nation

For this test, open the door completely using the Garage Door Motor. Once the door is open, inspect the Garage Door Cables closely where it is rolled up on the Drum or Pulley. The cable should still be tensioned and pulled straight as it winds up onto the Drum or Pulley.

If you notice that the cable is not pulled straight and under tension, you should contact Door Nation for a Garage Door Service.

Garage Door Roller Operation Test

Operate your Garage Door a few times and pay attention to the Garage Door Rollers as they move inside the tracks. They should run smoothly and quietly and should not jump, shudder or get stuck at any point.

Garage Door Balance Test

The final and debatably the most important test is the Garage Door Balance Test and it has 2 parts to it.
For both tests, place your Garage Door in manual mode, disconnecting your Garage Door Motor.
Part 1 is to open the door to the top and once open the door should stay open.
Part 2 is to open the door halfway and leaving it. The door should not shoot up and should not drop to the floor with force, it should either move down very slowly or remain in the middle.

When performing any of these 11 key inspections or tests you will be able to notice areas of your Garage Door that requires attention with ease.

Once you have established that your Garage Door requires attention, contact Door Nation for Expert, Same Day Garage Door Repairs or a Garage Door Service.

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